Investing in Innovation

Israel has established a reputation for excellence in agricultural innovation, and the need for that expertise around the world is growing.

By 2050, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said we needed to increase food production by 60 percent. Agriculture plays a crucial role in eliminating world hunger and providing enough food for the world's growing population. 

In order to maintain Israel's position as a global leader in agriculture, we must attract and train the best and the brightest young minds for the next generation of scientists and farmers.

Meeting the increasing demands for food and water will require innovative solutions generated by a diverse workforce of well-trained agricultural scientists and farmers. Volcani trains students from universities and institutes throughout the world to rise up to the challenge, and these students will be needed to help provide solutions to a hungry world. 

As a global leader in agriculture, Israel has a responsibility to its citizens and to the world to actively encourage, educate and support its budding researchers and farmers.



Collaborative & Innovative


Building the Scientific Community in the Periphery

Israel relies heavily on its periphery as its predominant source of agricultural production. Unfortunately, many are drawn away by the wider range of employment opportunities and higher standard of living available in the Center early in their careers.

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To avoid this, we must rectify the current lack of opportunity in peripheral regions for top scientists.

Support for these prestigious scholarships will provide practical support and training for agricultural MSc, PhD and Post-Doctoral candidates working in Israel’s periphery. As we continue to grow the highly trained, professional agricultural foundation in the north and south of Israel, we feed into a positive, self-perpetuating cycle wherein existing resources create the opportunity for further professional growth.



Creating community integration with Volcani in the Negev through STEM programming.

Ensuring the future of Israeli agricultural innovation

Too many students in the Negev have little access to quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education. They lack facilities, equipment and experienced teachers.

Shibolet is the Negev's first community life-sciences lab.  It aims to expose students from underprivileged backgrounds to STEM education, provide them with cutting edge facilities and equipment and better train teachers to lead STEM education in schools.

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Each year approximately 10 new scientists are recruited. To compete for the very best applicants with other leading institutes around the world, we must offer new researchers the tools they need to succeed. 

Volcani commits to 3 years of support for new researchers in the form of state-of-the-art lab equipment, tailored laboratories and greenhouses, seed funding for their research and other valuable tools for success.

To ensure that Volcani continues to position Israel as a global leader of agricultural innovation, we must continue to attract and recruit world-class scientists, and philanthropy is key to its success.

To establish an endowment, scholarship fund or simply to learn more about how you can contribute, contact us.