Giving farmers in the Negev the tools they need to succeed in the face of terrorism

The summer of 2018 saw hundreds of rockets and incendiary kites raining down on residents of the western Negev, posing a serious challenge to farmers of the region.Small farms (with under 5 employees) are not automatically granted bomb shelters at their place of work, leaving them completely out of reach of safety during rocket attacks. Over the course of June 2018 alone, incendiary kites caused more than 450 fires, torching some 7,000 acres of farmlands, parks and forests. The farmers across the four regional councils were in desperate need of assistance.To date, we have purchased and distributed 67 bomb shelters and emergency fire-fighting equipment and $400,000 worth of firefighting equipment.

We are looking for new partners to provide protection and assistance for farmers of the Western Negev and to lower their risk of injury and death, as they continue to work the land of one of Israel’s most important agricultural areas.

Contributions for bomb shelters, firefighting ATVs and ATV attachments with firefighting equipment help us support the farmers of the Negev and keep them safe as they continue to cultivate the land of Israel.

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