Volcani International Partnerships is a not-for-profit organization that strives to strengthen Israel’s standing as a global leader of agricultural innovation and enhance its contribution to the world. While small in size, Israel has the capacity to offer truly global solutions. As our world faces immense challenges in feeding a growing population, while ensuring the sustainability of our planet, Israel has a great role to play.


We believe that role is a moral imperative.



Israel as a global leader of agricultural innovation, sharing its experience, expertise and innovations to improve lives around the world.



We believe our work not only creates value for Israel, but for citizens all over the world.

Empowering Israel by Strengthening Israeli Agricultural Innovation

We work hand in hand with the leadership of the Volcani Center to strengthen Israel’s agricultural innovation. In doing so, we are building Israel’s agricultural experience, expertise and innovation capacity, and contribute to:

  • Diplomatic Returns - enhancing relations and avenues for collaboration with countries around the world;

  • Economic Growth - creating business opportunities for Israeli agritech companies and bringing investment and funding into Israel’s agri-tech sector;

  • “Tikun Olam” - realizing the Jewish principle of repairing the world;

  • Strengthening Israel’s position as a global leader in agricultural innovation.

Creating Positive Global Change Through Israeli Expertise and Innovation

We create global partnerships and programs through which to share Israel’s agricultural experience, expertise and innovations. Through such partnerships we can enhance:

  • Efforts to end global hunger and improve nutrition;

  • Economic growth and poverty eradication;

  • Increased water use efficiency;

  • Agricultural resilience in the face of climate change;

  • A more sustainable future.





Executive Director

Danielle has dedicated the last ten years to leveraging Israeli expertise and innovation for global development. Today, Danielle is the Executive Director of Volcani International Partnerships (VIP), an Israeli organization dedicated towards increasing the scope and impact of Israel's renowned agricultural expertise and innovation throughout the world. Working closely with Israel's national Agricultural Research Organization (The Volcani Institute), VIP provides tailor made solutions to address global concerns such as food security, water conservation and sustainability to countries around the world. Previously, Danielle served as a senior policy advisor in MASHAV (Israel's Agency for International Development). She has represented Israel at the UN and been a guest speaker at the OECD and German Development Bank. Danielle was the co-founder and co-chair of the ID2 Conference and Global Network, bringing hundreds of development entrepreneurs to Israel. Originally from London, Danielle worked for the Strategy and International Directorate of the UK Home Office and holds a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Oxford. She lives in Tel Aviv with her family.


Chief Operating Officer

Tali made Aliyah from New York with the goal of making Israel stronger. She spent 4 years as the Deputy Director of VIP Relations at the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, helping to foster international relationships and create a greater understanding of Israel’s identity with political leaders, journalists, celebrities and tourists alike. Since then, she has worked with various smaller NGOs, helping them to grow their impact by raising awareness and support for causes such as empowering disadvantaged communities, workforce integration, and providing aid to lone soldiers in Israel.
Tali is currently Chief Operations Officer at Volcani International Partnerships, an NGO committed to growing the impact of Israeli agricultural innovation and expertise by working with the country’s oldest, largest and leading agricultural research organization, the Volcani Center.


Chairman of the Board

Prof. Uri Mingelgrin is the Chairman of the Board of Volcani International Partnerships. He is also active as an emeritus scientist at the Volcani Center, Institute of Soils, Water and Environmental Sciences. In this capacity, he has chaired and is a member of a number of important committees that deal with environmental issues. For example, Prof. Mingelgrin chaired the joint government-private sector committee that determined the methodology, later adopted by the Israeli government, for formulating environmental laws and regulations.

Since 2007 Prof. Mingelgrin has also served as an environmental consultant, specializing in environmental issues, in particular as related to soil and water pollution and remediation.

Between 1994 and 1999 he served as the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Environment and for over two years (2005-2007) as the Director of Scientific Affairs of the Volcani Center.
Prior to this position, Prof. Uri Mingelgrin served as a researcher in the Institute of Soils, water and environmental sciences of the Volcani Center.